Buying Second Hand Arrows

By | 1st February 2017

Never before have I purchased second hand arrows. The main reason being worried that the arrows could be bent and well used. I have a different set of arrows for indoors and outdoors and so far I have 4 sets of arrows lying around of which I use two sets. So yes my collection of unused arrows is slowly growing – I suppose I’ll be the one selling them soon.

I found out that my current 620 ACC arrows are now the wrong spine for me. They would be fine at my poundage of around 42-44lb if I had a standard draw length of 28″, but I don’t I am around 29.25″. This means I need a stiffer arrow and it now turns out I need some 500 spine arrows.

I didn’t want to go and buy 8 new ACC ones for around £110 (early 2017 prices) instead I decided to look on the 2nd hand market. Now with this sort of budget second hand I have the choice of X10 and ACE arrows. The problem with buying X10 and ACE arrows is that if you end up breaking or losing some and you need to replace them most archery retailers only sell them in dozens. Although I have seen bare shaft ACEs sold in 4’s. That’s not such a problem if you buy say 10 or 12 ACE or X10 used arrows but then the price is also going to be higher.

Buying online also presents a problem. It’s not just spine and the condition of the arrows you need to look at, but the arrow length as well. So the chance of finding a well looked after set of arrows, that are your spine and the correct length or longer can be tricky.

One thing to check is how your seller has measured the arrow as some people measure the correct way – throat of the nock to the end of the shaft, whilst others may measure the whole length of the arrow including the points – so be warned.

If the arrows are complete it’s also important to find out what points have been installed and which nocks and vanes. Although of course you may change these anyway. Knowing which vanes are attached are important for me being left handed as if they are spin wings or eli-vanes you have to install special left or right handed vanes. Another thing you want to check is that the owner has not used super glue to attach any vanes as that can be hard to remove.

When your arrows arrive check they have survived delivery and are all in good condition and not bent in any way by either using an arrow spinner or by just rolling them on a known flat surface.

The next thing is to adjust your arrow rest, button/plunger and centre shot and get them tuned to your bow.

By the way in the end I did find 11x Easton ACC 500 spine finished arrows on eBay.

Check out lots of new and used arrows on eBay.