Archery Videos

I wanted to create a number of archery videos to demonstrate various archery topics from archery basics, tips and tricks, book reviews and archery equipment reviews etc.

Sometimes a video is easier and more enjoyable to watch than trying to explain something in writing.

Here is a selection of my latest archery videos, these can also be viewed on YouTube, you can subscribe to my archery YouTube Channel:

60cm Layered Foam Archery Target Review

Quick video review of my 60cm layered foam archery target.

Un-boxing Hoyt Carbon 720 Limbs

Here I am un-boxing my Hoyt Carbon 720 limbs. These un-boxing videos seem to be so popular on YouTube, so I thought I’d give it a go too.

How To Wind in Recurve Riser Limb Bolts

If you want to increase your poundage and up your draw weight then wind in your limbs bolts, if you want to decrease your poundage and lower your draw weight then wind out your limb bolts on your riser.

How To Measure your Bow Draw Weight

In this video I show you how I measure my draw weight by using an electronic luggage scale.

How To String a Recurve Bow

Back to basics how to string and un-string a recurve bow.

Check your arrows for bent ones

In this video I promote the regular checking of your arrows for straightness. I found two of my arrows to be bent. I found this out because one of them was going completely off target.