About Me

I began my interest in Archery when I went on my foreign beach holidays every summer and had some simple archery laid on by the entertainment staff at the hotel.

It was then that I saw an evening class for archery at my local college which started in September. It was a 5 week course which took us through barebow, using sights and scoring at 10 yards and 15 yards.

A month or so after completing the course in November I visited Aim4Sport in Sandy to get kitted out with my first recurve bow. It wasn’t until the following January that I joined the Ely Archers club in 2015.

I am now the Records Officer at Ely Archers, with my current classifications being:

Current classifications

Outdoor Classification

1st Class

Indoor Classification


My arrows

Indoors – 2016 Easton XX75 Platinum Plus – Easton Super Nock – EP23 Vanes – 90g bullet point
Outdoors – Easton ACE 520 – Easton Pin Nock – 100g screw-in points (59g inserts, 41g points)

Other interests

My other hobbies include astronomy, and I have another another blog for my astronomy hobby. I also enjoy music and play the drums and the bass guitar. My profession is computer programming, I program Oracle databases, Access, Excel as well as  lot of work with PHP, MySQL, HTML, Javascript, JQuery etc.