How To Adjust Compound Bow Draw Length

By | 28th May 2024

Adjusting your compound bows’ draw length is one of the easiest things to do, as it just requires moving a screw in the cams. Just make sure you adjust both cams, top and bottom if you have more than one cam on your bow.

Compound bows normally have many holes on their cams with letters next to them, these are for small incremental adjustments to your draw length. Most change in holes adjust the draw length by half an inch. But it is always worth following the manufacturers recommendations on how to adjust the draw length. This information may be found on the manufacturers website but will always be in the user manual that came with the bow (if you still have it).

Then it’s just a matter of unscrewing the correct screw (as there may be more than one in the cams) and moving it to the new letter hole and screwing it back in (remembering to change both cams).

I have a made a video of myself adjusting the draw length on my Kinetic Mirage compound bow. So if you want to watch that on my archery YouTube channel please follow the link here – or watch it below:

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