Core Archery Pro Metal Riser Review

By | 21st July 2020

Core Archery produce a lot of beginners archery equipment, but did you know you can get a beginners riser in not just wood but metal? Yes, you can. Core Archery produce this lovely metal riser in 24″ with a choice of colours in both left hand and right hand.

The riser itself is not ILF but has the standard screw-in limb bolts, so you can fit the training wooden type limbs on it.

There are also lots of added functionality such as clicker screw points, button/plunger hole, long rod screw hole and of course a place for your sight block for your sight. So this Core Archery metal riser can be used as a full recurve target bow or as a barebow.

The Core Archery metal riser also looks more professional on the range than a wooden riser, but you get that extra weight and proper feel  and grip of a more expensive riser. Although it does not cost much more than a wooden riser.

Watch my video review on the Core Archer Pro Metal riser on YouTube to get a good look at it: