Top 5 3D Printed Archery Equipment Part One and Part Two

By | 14th July 2020

More 3D Printed archery equipment. I love finding new archery equipment to print out on my 3D printer. I don’t create any of these myself, but I keep finding them on Thingiverse.  Here is another set of my most favourite Top 5 3D printed archery parts. I did also create a previous video with my first Top 5 3D Printed Archery Equipment – Part One:

Top 5 3D Printed Archery Equipment – Part Two

Watch the video on YouTube – Top 5 3D Printed Archery Equipment – Part Two

These are the items I featured in the second video:

Limb Gauges

These allow you to check your string alignment on your bow. You’ll need at least a couple of them.

Limb gauges – Beiter blocks –

Nock Station

This nock station holds up to 6 nocks of various sizes. It fits my Beiter #1 pin nocks really well. Easier to store them here than lose in your bag or in a plastic bag.

Nock Bank/Station –

Clicker Tool

This clicker tool really helps tighten up your Beiter clicker wheel.

Clicker Tool –

Stabiliser Weights

If you don’t want to put weights on the ends of your stabilisers how about these plastic dummy ends.

Stabiliser weights/ends –

Mantis Adaptors

If you use a Mantis X8 archery system you may want another adaptor for another bow, as you only get one stick on adaptor in the box.

Mantis Barebow –

Mantis Sight Mount –