Hoyt Carbon ACE Limbs Review

By | 15th May 2017

I had been using my Hoyt 720 Carbon limbs for about 9 months when I found a great price on some Hoyt Carbon ACE limbs. I loved my Hoyt 720 limbs and if I had not found these Carbon ACE limbs I would never have upgraded.

Back in 2016 the Hoyt 720 limbs were the kind of the entry level carbon recurve limbs, (there is also the Excel limb which is cheaper) then came the Hoyt Carbon ACE limbs and then the Hoyt Quattro limbs. In 2017 the 720 limbs stopped being produced and were replaced by the Hoyt 840 limb. The Carbon ACE limbs were still being produced but the Hoyt Quattro limbs where replaced by the Carbon X Tour limbs which are available with a foam core or bamboo core.

Hoyt ACE limbs vs Hoyt 720 limbs

The Hoyt Carbon ACE limbs at RRP are nearly double the price, but what is the difference? Well the 720 Carbon limbs have a wood core whilst the Carbon ACE limbs have a foam core. Some people prefer a wood core, as on the Hoyt Quattro you could actually choose between the two. I think some people are worried the foam core limbs will weaken and snap.

When un-boxing the Hoyt Carbon ACE limbs you still get the nice Hoyt limb covers, a sticker, user manual and this time I also got a Hoyt keychain lanyard. I bought the medium 38lb limbs.

When shooting the Carbon ACE limbs I was expecting them to be faster and so alter my sight marks, but my sight marks barely moved at all. Also the ‘feel’ of the 720 and the Carbon ACE limbs was not really that noticeable at all.

Overall thoughts

But I certainly won’t be changing these Hoyt Carbon ACE limbs anytime soon, unless something goes wrong with them or I need lower powered limbs as I get older.

So overall I recommend trying out both sets of limbs to see if you can tell the difference. Although now you’ll probably have to compare the Hoyt 840 limbs to the Carbon ACE limbs as the 720 limbs will soon be difficult to find new.

It would be fun to compare the Hoyt 720 vs Hoyt 840 limbs though, as the 840 limbs are more expensive than the 720 – and has anything really changed other than the graphics?


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  1. archerie

    R U using the bow for hitting sports target? The difference might be dedicated to other users, no?
    (I don’t appreciate other uses, for the record)

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