Half Metric Round Shot

By | 28th June 2016

This Sunday we shot our first Half Metric round. I knew when I looked at the round it was going to be confusing to set up with everyone wanting to do different versions and so different distances. Plus then you have to stop half way through and change all the 122cm targets to 80cm targets for the last two distances.

The strange thing was that we all started spread out along the shooting line from 70 metres to 60 metres and below but we all slowly seemed to be squashed together when the last 1.5 dozen arrows were at the 30m distance and we all stood together. Plus shooting at a 30m distance meant all our arrows were tightly packed together in the gold on the targets.

One of the other strange distances was the Half Metric V, which is a junior round really and is 30m, 20m, 15m and 10m. We didn’t have distance markers on the floor for less than 20 yards so the 15m and 10m had to be measured out.

I think we all enjoyed it though, and it’s good to try out new rounds. We will do it again in September.