Long Metric done

By | 13th June 2016

This week was the first time I had shot a Long Metric. I decided to do a Long Metric II, which is 60m and 50m. The strange this is the 50m target face is 122cm, you would have thought at the 50m you would have to change it to an 80cm face – but no.

Anyway, 60m seems a nice distance to practice on before going up to shoot at a WA 70m target. I highly recommend it. The 60m can build your confidence when all you can get in a Long Metric II is a 2nd class, but in the WA 70m you can get yourself a 1st class.

It was not a windy day, but it was grey and it did rain at times. We shot through the light rain, but when the heavy rain came we ran back to the pavilion to wait for about 20-30minutes. Then we were back out to finish off the Long Metric. I finished with 520 out of 720 – so that’s a 2nd class. As I was the first male recurve archer in the club to shoot a Long Metric II – I now by default have the club record!

I think I could have done better, but one thing that did seem to help was putting flags on the top of the target bosses in order to try and read the wind.

Target Boss from below