Shooting the Bray

By | 7th March 2016

Bray Target with arrows This Sunday the nominated round was a Bray 1 at 20 yards. There is something brilliant about shooting at the smaller 40cm targets, which really enables you to hone your aiming skills.

A Bray round is shot at a 40cm target, at a distance of 20 yards. There are only 10 ends of 3 arrows, so the total number of arrows shot is 30. This makes it a quick round to shoot, a really good one if you don’t have much time at the range or at your club perhaps on a training night.

I always shoot at a 40cm Bray target at home on my small 60cm layered foam boss target. The reason being the paper targets costs a bit less and I only have about 12 to 14 yards to shoot at so making the target smaller makes it seem like a 60cm Portsmouth target face at 20 yards.

My current Bray record is 229 which I shot in March 2015. Today I scored 212. Typically when you finish scoring and you put in a few more rounds practice on the same target you start getting consistent and in the gold more often, why is that?