Easton Triumph Carbon Arrows

By | 13th July 2023

The Easton Triumph arrow was an all-carbon arrow produced by Easton. The Easton Triumph came in 4 spines 500, 450, 400 and 350. All 4 spines have the 9.3mm Outer diameter.

When I say was, the last time it featured in the Easton catalogue was in 2017.

One of the only arrows with a built-in re-enforced front. What does this mean, well it means you could only cut these from the back and not the front. This does complicate matters if you have already fletched the arrows and then need to shorten them as you would need to remove the vanes and then put them back on again once you had made your arrow cuts.

Built-in FOC 7%

Super uni bushing, G uni bushing or pin adaptor could be fitted to the arrows. Then you could use pin nocks, g pin nocks, Super nocks or 3D super nock, or even Beiter pin nocks that I have put on my arrows.

Point weights available were 100, 125 150,175 and 200 grain points.

It’s a shame Easton stopped making these, as they were good and one of only a few arrows where the diameter was full size through the 4 spines. So I would shoot a 500 spine with a really heavy point in order to straighten them out in flight and to slow them down indoors.

If you want to find out more about the Easton Triumph arrows, take a look at an Easton Catalogue from 2017 or a bit earlier or take a look at my Easton Triumph arrow video on my archery YouTube channel.

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