Trip to Aim4Sport

Karl and I took a trip to Aim4Sport on Thursday. Karl was after a new clicker as his carbon Win and Win clicker had snapped in two in his bag. So he was not going to buy another one – so opted for a metal Beiter clicker. He then found it was a slightly longer fit than the Win and Win carbon clicker so had his Easton ACC arrows shortened by about a centimetre. He also tried out and then purchased some Axiom 10″ side rods together with a standard Mybo V bar and 4″ extension.

I on the other hand was after some new arrows. I didn’t know whether to go for some Easton Fatboy arrows, or stick with Easton Platinum Plus XX75 arrows with a different spine. After talking to Dave I was write about not choosing all carbon Fatboy arrows when shooting into straw on a shared target. So I went for XX75 2016 arrows. I shot with them on the Friday night at the club and they seem a bit thicker than my 1916 arrows. The only downside is that when you go above 1916 you can’t have the G nock small nocks anymore, so I have the Easton Super Nocks, which I don’t know if I like them yet, as they are a bit longer than the G nock small.

Easton Super Nock at the top.

Easton G Nock Small vs Easton Super Nock

Easton G Nock Small at the bottom.

My Easton indoor arrow 2016 set up:

Easton Platinum Plus XX75 2016
Easton Super Nock
Bullet Points – 90 grain
EP23 Fletches

I also purchased a cliniband/theraband and a new stand that was sitting the bargain bin. The Cartel stand allows me to use it like a normal stand with the bow horizontal, or to place the bow in the stand vertically. Must not forget I also purchased a standard Mybo 45 degree V bar as well. I decided to give it a go as the other V bar I have is 35 degrees, so I wanted to see if it made a difference. So I am now going to go back to trying short rods again after previously finding them too heavy, as they add on about 550-600g to your set up.

The Archery Show

The Archery Show

It dawned on me today why isn’t there a national archery show every year? My other hobby is Astronomy and we have an Astrofest in February in London with talks and trade stands and then there is another astronomy show in Coventry around May time.

I am now imagining an archery show with all the main archery retailers having stands with lots of archery equipment to buy, then having some talk sessions whether they are from professional archers, motivational speakers, equipment manufacturers, trainers, coaches, judges etc.

Another area could be a shooting area to enable you to try out new archery kit like bows etc, and there could be demonstrations by archers or demonstrations by equipment manufacturers like Easton, Hoyt etc of their latest equipment.

Archery GB and Bow International could feature heavily and probably organise the whole show.

So why isn’t there an archery show like this, come on somebody sort it out. I would definitely attend. Other sports and hobbies seem to have their own shows.

European Archery Championships 2016

European Archery Championships 2016Look what turned up in the latest copy of Bow International the other day, a flyer for the European Archery Championships 2016 in Nottingham.

The final weekend sees the compound finals on the Saturday and the recurve final on the Sunday, spread over 2 sessions per day.

We bought our tickets when they were first released and chose the undercover seating, as you never know what the weather will be like in May in the UK.

The hardest choice was which side of the archer to sit. I was thinking about compass points and where the sun would be on the day, but I suppose I should have really thought about whether the archers would be facing us or not depending on whether they are left or right handed, as you really want the archer to be facing you in the audience not with their back towards you! I imagine most archers are right handed, even though I myself are left handed. Never mind too late now, we have the tickets, at least I’ll try and remember that for next time.

I’m looking forward to the European Archery Championships 2016, my first real professional tournament as a spectator.

Welcome to my Archery Blog

Welcome to the first post of my new archery blog. I hope to bring you a collection of archery news, archery equipment reviews, archery book reviews, archery tips, archery videos and much more.

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