Left and Right Hand Feathers – How Can You Tell the Difference?

By | 20th July 2023

So how can you tell whether an arrow feather is a left- or right-hand feather? Why do you need to know? Well, you don’t want to mix a left hand and right-hand feather up and put both on one of your arrows. If you do, they may fly erratically through the air.

So make sure you have all left or all right hand feathers on your arrows.

You can tell which is which feather by looking at them from the back.

If the arrows already have the feathers on them, it’s also easy to see which is a left or right hand feather by looking for the white edge along the feather when you rotate the arrow in your hand, you want all the white edging to be in the same position, either all at the bottom as you rotate the arrow in your hand or all at the top as you rotate the arrow.

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