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Axcel Sjef RXF Curve Recurve Scope Sight Review

One of main reasons I started looking at different sights again for my recurve bow was that the once loved Decut Tawant with a Shibuya fibre optic does have some drawbacks. The main one is that the Decut Tawant has a lens in it, so if it’s raining that lens is going to fill up… Read More »

Best Laser Range Finder for Archery and Golf

What is the best laser range finder on the market? When starting out in field archery I wanted a way to train my eye to learn to judge distance and I thought a really good way was to know the distances. A great way to measure distance is with a laser range finder, the type… Read More »

Archery Shooting Glasses – Archery Sunglasses by Bolle

If you are like me when I am shooting outside, I can’t stand squinting at the target or having the wind blow in my face too much. So how can I solve this without spending hundreds of pounds on Pilla archery sunglasses. I wouldn’t mind trying some Pilla glasses but I don’t want to spend… Read More »

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