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Carter Insatiable 3 Compound Release Aid Review

After purchasing my Kinetic Mirage compound bow many years ago and shooting it occasionally with the supplied wrist strap release, I was interested to now try out a thumb trigger release. The problem I seem to have with wrist strap releases is that they move along your wrist no matter how tightly you fix them… Read More »

DIY Folding Archery Target Stands

Our archery club indoor target stands are used together with banded layered foam and Ten Zone layered foam targets. The stands themselves are supplied by Clickers in Norwich, UK. The main problem with the target stands is that the arms of the stands are fixed and screwed in place. This makes them difficult to store… Read More »

Cutting the Fairweather Barebow Tab

I eventually got around to cutting the Fairweather Barebow tab. I ended up just using some sharp scissors and cutting it the same size as my Decut Barbi barebow tab. I used that as a template underneath when performing the cut. I did remember to make sure I cut just the kangaroo leather first and… Read More »

WNS SJA-40 Recurve Archery Bow Short Sight Review

The WNS SJA-40 archery sight is an all-metal sight in a range of different colours and handedness. We used to purchase a simpler sight for using at beginners’ classes, but we found that some of these will tend to crack on the sight block area. With the WNS sights they are all metal on the… Read More »

JVD Archery Target Face Umbrella Review

I’ve always wanted one of the archery umbrellas, but usually found myself taking it back out of my shopping cart for some reason. But this time I found myself ordering some archery bits and I saw it for only £10 so I added it to my shopping cart this time. It arrived in just a… Read More »