My Target Archery Bow Setup

By | 13th October 2020

My Recurve Target Bow video

My current recurve archery bow set up that I use for target archery is listed below. I’ve had this set up for a couple of years now, and don’t see the reason for changing anything yet. Yes I may want to upgrade to a Hoyt Faktor Xi riser and some Velos limbs at some point, but everything on this bow feels good to me when shooting. This blog post does not really do the equipment justice, so I have produced a YouTube video showing you my set up in more detail – check it out here:

My Recurve Bow

  • Hoyt X Tour Formula/Bamboo version 36lb medium
  • Hoyt Faktor riser in black / left handed
  • 30″ Win&Win WiaWis ACS Nano long rod with Win&Win Wiawis ACS damper
  • 10″ Win&Win WiaWis ACS Nano short rods with Win&Win bw small dampeners
  • Win&Win ACS Nano 4″ extension
  • Win&Win CX2 carbon V-bar 40 degrees
  • Win&Win carbon clicker with Beiter clicker wheel
  • SF Pro Carbon sight
  • Sjef Axcel RXF Sight / .029 green optic
  • Fivics mini sight dampeners x2
  • Shibuya DX button
  • Shibuya arrow rest
  • Reign 8125 18 strand string
  • Limb SVL Broadland Limbsaver dampeners
  • Front top dampener – Flex Flexball 2.0 5/16 x 1/4 thread

My Outdoor Arrows

  • Easton ACE 520
  • Easton screw in points 110gr total
  • Easton pin nocks
  • XS Wings 50mm left handed in silver
  • Beiter #1 clear pin nocks
  • Arrowsocks silver arrow wraps