3D Field Fun Shoot at Broadland Bowmen

By | 12th March 2019

I had my first proper 3D field round last Sunday with the Broadland Bowmen over at Norwich, UK. Broadland Bowmen put on a 3D fun shoot with two rounds of 20x 3D targets in their woods. We started by taking a photograph on the known distances, but I did also bring my new Suaoki laser rangefinder to see how good it was. Although I hadn’t learnt how to even change between yards and metres on it yet and it was set to metres whereas the known distances were marked out in yards.

It was a windy and rainy day but luckily just about stopped as we started to shoot, plus you don’t really feel the high 40mph winds in the woods. We started on a close owl 3D target though the longest target of the day was a bison at 57 yards. They had some great targets like a sitting buck, swinging bat, lion, frog, panther, dinosaur, cobra and a standing bear.

I was really worried about loosing arrows on the day, but out of 40 targets I only missed 2 of my first arrows. I loosely created my sight marks based on a dodgy 20yards, 25m and about 40 yards marks, but they worked out OK. Although the top of my sight is 20 yards, so I just had to guess anything shorter than that.

Overall, I really enjoyed the day out, the club is great and we shall be coming back for more Broadland Bowmen open shoots once I apply for the EFAS and NFAS.

Sitting Buck Target

Louise, Pete and Damian

Louise and the lion target

Poisonous Frog

Louise shooting a rabbit target

Me and the baboon

Crow target