Outdoor Archery Training Continues

By | 6th May 2016

Outdoor archery training continues and the wind has been wicked in the last week or so. You are at home and don’t feel there is any wind at all, then turn up at the club to the large open field and the wind hits you. The problem with the wind is not just the problem with aiming, but you also have to hold longer – which means fatigue sets in quicker than it ever would indoors.

A couple of times after the clicker has gone off the arrow has left the arrow rest and I have still made the shot. Which means then having to find the arrow, when you have no idea of where it may have gone – thank heavens for metal detectors.

My outdoor archery season does seem to be coming together a bit quicker this year, but it is still taking time to get all my sight marks that I want. I am trying to get every single distance in metres and yards but I know that once I have a rough set of marks I am bound to change something on the bow and will have to go and get all my sight marks again.

Whereas sight marks indoors should stay static, as soon as weather conditions change outdoors, such as with various wind strengths and directions of the wind you find yourself moving your sight marks anyway. What worked on one day at a certain distance may not always work the following week.