BOWdometer vs Mantis X8 Archery Technology

By | 25th April 2021

mantis x8 vs bowdometer

So many times, I have heard people comparing the Mantis X8 to the BOWdometer. But I cannot see how that is possible as they are two totally different archery pieces of technology.

The BOWdometer predominantly counts your shots and scores your shot and provides that to you in a single number between 0 and 100. It does do more than that, as it can also report on the angles of the bow so you can see if you are canting the bow. But the BOWdometer does not know where your arrow landed, whether it is a 10 or even a miss. The Mantis X8 does know where your arrow landed as you must tell it to get all the data from it.

The BOWdometer has a screen and some buttons on so you can use it without the app, whereas the Mantis X8 can only be used by using the app.

The Mantis X8 provides you with a lot of information via the app that the BOWdometer does not. Such as breakdowns of your setup, hold, release, and timings as well as being able to cater for clicker use. It also shows you if you are canting the bow.

Both the Mantis X8 and the BOWdometer have social aspects whereby you can see what your friends are up to and you can see how they have been shooting.

Prices wise the BOWdometer is about £30/$30 cheaper than the Mantis X8.

The BOWdometer is a great motivator, and you can leave it on your bow and just turn it on and shoot and review the numbers later. It also motivates you to shoot as there are levels, and you can level up (and down!). With the Mantis X8 you must constantly use the app with it as you need to tell it where the arrows have landed, so you need to be more interactive with it.

Both the apps from BOWdometer and Mantis are very good and available on Android and Apple.


If you want to completely analyse your shots in depth and get lots of data, then get the Mantis X8. If you want a tool to motivate you to shoot and count your shots, set weekly shot goals and level up your shooting (like in a video game) then go for the BOWdometer.

But whichever you buy remember that the apps are developing all the time and new features are being added with every release. This is great as it feels like you are getting a free upgrade every time this happens.

BOWdometer vs Mantis X8 Video

There is only so much I can say about them on paper, but if you want to know more and see me compare then in a video then head on over to my YouTube channel and watch my BOWdometer vs Mantis X8 video where I compare them both, but also look at their apps.

mantis x8 vs bowdometer

Buy your BOWdometer direct

If you want to purchase a BOWdometer from BOWdometer directly you can, as they ship to a lot of countries – here’s a link to their online shop –