Mybo Synergy Star Archery Limbs Review

By | 24th April 2021

mybo synergy star limbs
After having a tennis elbow pain in my bow arm, and it taking ages to heal (about 10 weeks) I decided to go back to a lower poundage limb in order to work my self back to my 38lb Hoyt limbs. I had bought Mybo products before including long rods, short rods, arrow rests etc. I thought the quality of these items was very good so decided to purchase a set of 22lb Mybo Synergy Star limbs in medium.

The Mybo Synergy Star Limbs are an entry level limb like the Axiom limbs of old and retail for around £69 in the UK. They arrived quickly from Merlin Archery and came in a standard limb box in plastic bags – no limb covers at this price! The finish on the Mybo Synergy Star limbs is good. I did have to sand down the necks of the limbs a little to get a good fit onto my Hoyt Horizon limb bolts. As I cannot stand limbs that are difficult to take off the riser.

As an archer with a 29” draw length I managed to wind in my riser bolts all the way and get 25lb out of the 22” limbs. The limbs shot really and there was not as much vibration as I expected at this price point.

I shot over 1,000 arrows with the 22lb limbs before deciding to purchase another pair of the Mybo Synergy limbs. This time I went for a 28lb limb. On the fingers these are just over 30lb for me, but after shooting about 250 arrows I decided to wind my limb bolts in completely again and now have them set to 32lb.

I won’t be buying a third pair, but hopefully going back to my Hoyt X-Tour limbs next that I can have at 36lb on my fingers.

So now I shall keep the Mybo Synergy Star limbs and call them my injury limbs. Just in case I injure myself again and need to get fit and work up the bow poundage again in the future.

If you want to see the Mybo Synergy limbs then watch my Mybo Synergy Star limb review on YouTube.

mybo synergy star limbs