BOWdometer App v2.0.2 New Features Review

By | 1st May 2021

bowdometer app v2.0.2

In early April 2021 BOWdometer released the second edition of their app. The first edition although good was simple and straight forward, but the new version certainly looks a lot better and is graphically pleasing.

What’s New?

A new home screen with a shot goal that you can set for yourself.

New avatars.

A graph showing your progress

There is also a nice new looking connection area where you connect via Bluetooth to the BOWdometer.

I also like that there is now a battery icon, showing you how much charge, you have left in your BOWdometer.

A new looking social leaderboard on the home screen.

Classic or Level?

A big change is now you can shoot and practice without the shots being used to go towards levelling up, this is called classic mode.

You can also export all of your session date into Excel – nice touch!

On the session details screen you will now also see your shots compared in a graph called ‘shot comparison’.

There is also a session shot goal that you can set if you want to.


This is a great new looking app, with even more features being added all the time.

If you have not got your BOWdometer yet what are you waiting for, head on over to the BOWdometer Store and purchase yours!

If you want to see more about the new app, then head on over to my YouTube channel and watch the video on the BOWdometer App v2.0.2

bowdometer app v2.0.2