Long Metric Archery Round

By | 4th November 2022

The Long Metric archery round is a round shot at metre distances. You need to shoot 2 different distances in these rounds and you only usually get a set time for practice arrows or around 2 or 3 ends at the longest distance.

The Long Metric archery round is shot on a standard 122cm target face and you score the rounds using standard 10 zone scoring.

The total arrow count on the Long Metric archery round is 72 arrows and the maximum score you can get is 720.

Your arrow count is divided equally among the two distances so you shoot 36 arrows at the first longest distance, then 36 arrows at the second shorter distance.

You could think of the Long Metric as being the first half of the WA1440 round – the first 2 distances of a WA1440.

Here are the different Short Metric rounds you can shoot:

Long Metric – 90m and 70m
Long Metric 1 – 70m and 60m
Long Metric 2 – 60m and 50m
Long Metric 3 – 50m and 40m
Long Metric 4 – 40m and 30m
Long Metric 5 – 30m and 20m

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