York, Hereford and Bristol Archery Rounds

By | 22nd October 2022

York, Hereford and Bristol archery rounds are all Archery GB rounds that are shot at yard/imperial distances. You need to shoot 3 different distances in these rounds and you only get 6 arrows of sighters (one end) at the longest distance.

The York, Hereford and Bristol archery rounds are shot on a full size 122cm target face and you score the rounds using 5 zone scoring. This means working with the coloured bands of the archery target. So 9 for gold, 7 for red, 5 for blue, 3 for black and 1 for white.

The total arrow count on the York, Hereford and Bristol archery rounds is 144 arrows and the maximum score you can get is 1296. So these rounds are quite long and usually take a full day in a competition setting.

You shoot 72 arrows at the first longest distance, then 48 arrows at the second longest distance and finally 24 arrows at the shortest distance.

Here are the different York, Hereford and Bristol rounds you can shoot:

York – 100 yards, 80 yards and 60 yards
Hereford/Bristol 1 – 80 yards, 60 yards and 50 yards
Bristol 2 – 60 yards, 50 yards and 40 yards
Bristol 3 – 50 yards, 40 yards and 30 yards
Bristol 4 – 40 yards, 30 yards and 20 yards
Bristol 5 – 30 yards, 20 yards and 10 yards

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