National Archery Round

By | 20th September 2022

The National archery round is a classic archery round in the UK. It’s an imperial round, so is shot at yard distances and it consists of 2 distances within the round.

It is shot on a full sized 122cm target face but the scoring is to 5 zone scoring, so the coloured bands of the target – 9,7,5,3,1. So the highest score you can get is a 9, and for the gold column on the scoresheet you just count the number of 9’s you scored. Max score overall is 648.

You shoot 8 ends of 6 arrows at the longer distance and then 4 ends of 6 arrows at the shorter distance. So 72 arrows in total with a single end of 6 arrows for practice at the beginning of the round. You don’t get to practice again at the shoter distance, you just move straight onto shooting the shorter distance after completing the longer distance.

The table below shows the national round names at various distances and the number of arrows shot at each distance in dozens (12).

ROUND 100 80 60 50 40 30 20 10 Max Score
New National 4 2             648
Long National   4 2           648
National     4 2         648
National 50       4 2       648
National 40         4 2     648
National 30           4 2   648

Classification and Handicaps are available when shooting the National archery round.

You can watch my YouTube video on the Archery GB National archery round on my archery YouTube channel.

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