Frostbite Archery Round

By | 20th September 2022

The Frostbite round is a classic winter round which is supposed to be shot in the cold, but sometimes the UK winters can be very mild. The Frostbite round is a 30m archery round, in which you shoot 36 arrows with one end of practice at the beginning – so really you shoot 42 arrows.

You can shoot the Frostibte either in ends of 3 or 6 arrows, although the round will be over very quickly if shot in ends of 6. That may be a good thing if it’s really cold!

You score with 10 zone scoring, so the maximum score is 360 and you shoot the round on an 80cm target face – so it’s a bit like the last distance on a WA1440 round.

In the UK we also have Frostbite badges that you can get for scoring at least 200 all the way up to 355.

To hear me talk about the Frostbite archery round and see the Frostbite badges please see my Frostbite YouTube video on my archery YouTube channel.

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