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Half Metric Round Shot

This Sunday we shot our first Half Metric round. I knew when I looked at the round it was going to be confusing to set up with everyone wanting to do different versions and so different distances. Plus then you have to stop half way through and change all the 122cm targets to 80cm targets for the last two distances.

The strange thing was that we all started spread out along the shooting line from 70 metres to 60 metres and below but we all slowly seemed to be squashed together when the last 1.5 dozen arrows were at the 30m distance and we all stood together. Plus shooting at a 30m distance meant all our arrows were tightly packed together in the gold on the targets.

One of the other strange distances was the Half Metric V, which is a junior round really and is 30m, 20m, 15m and 10m. We didn’t have distance markers on the floor for less than 20 yards so the 15m and 10m had to be measured out.

I think we all enjoyed it though, and it’s good to try out new rounds. We will do it again in September.

Long Metric done

This week was the first time I had shot a Long Metric. I decided to do a Long Metric II, which is 60m and 50m. The strange this is the 50m target face is 122cm, you would have thought at the 50m you would have to change it to an 80cm face – but no.

Anyway, 60m seems a nice distance to practice on before going up to shoot at a WA 70m target. I highly recommend it. The 60m can build your confidence when all you can get in a Long Metric II is a 2nd class, but in the WA 70m you can get yourself a 1st class.

It was not a windy day, but it was grey and it did rain at times. We shot through the light rain, but when the heavy rain came we ran back to the pavilion to wait for about 20-30minutes. Then we were back out to finish off the Long Metric. I finished with 520 out of 720 – so that’s a 2nd class. As I was the first male recurve archer in the club to shoot a Long Metric II – I now by default have the club record!

I think I could have done better, but one thing that did seem to help was putting flags on the top of the target bosses in order to try and read the wind.

Target Boss from below

First Short Metric Done

This month at the club I have planned to shoot a number of metric rounds. The club previously have never really shot any metric rounds other than WA 70m rounds. So I decided to pick out the most popular. We shall be doing a Short Metric, Long Metric and then a Half Metric.

This week was our first the Short Metric. As the longest Short Metric you can shoot is 50m and 30m, most of our archers chose that. So we had 5 targets set up at 50m to start with. One junior archer did a Short Metric III of 30m and 20m.

We had to make sure that we had some 80cm target faces as opposed to the standard 122cm targets. It was really nice to see all the bosses lined up in a row, it felt like a tournament. The smaller target faces also made you try and concentrate more and at time they were tricky. Especially when you are 10 zone scoring.

I finished with a round of 516 out of 720 – perhaps not my best effort. But I am still trying to get used to not using a clicker and use my back more. It would be interesting to re-do the Short Metric later on in the season when the clicker is back in use (hopefully!).

I definitely did not feel as tired on this round, so either I am using my back more, or I am varying my draw length when I get tired so it makes it feel less taxing. Now it seems to be my right hand which aches more, and as I am a left-handed archer – that’s the arm I hold my bow with!

Next week we have a Long Metric, but unfortunately that’s all on 122cm target faces. Plus do I try and shoot the 90m and 70m round or stick to a 60m and 50m round?

Short Metric round