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Using Fibre Optics in Archery Sights

I’ve had my Decut Twant sight for a while now. I ordered the larger diameter sight pin the 1mm. They also come in 0.5 and 0.75mm sizes. Mine came with 2 spare fibre optic pins with another one installed. My pins were the red ones, although now I see in a lot of images online they seem to come with a green fibre optic sight pin.

As mine didn’t come with a green one I decided I wanted to try a green one out. I just think that the red/orange sight pin colour is too close a colour to the yellow and red on the target face. It seems logical to pick a sight pin colour that’s not on the target face.

So as my Decut Tawant was 1mm, I noticed that the Shibuya replacement fibre optic was also 1mm and very cheap at about £2 or £3 a length. So I purchased some and slipped it into my sight. It wasn’t a perfect fit, but one end is thicker than the other.

decut tawant with shibuya fibre optic

Originally I was going to cut the length at about 1 inch and just have that in the sight, but once I put the whole length in I noticed just how bright it really was. Cutting it to about 1 inch was going to make the optic a lot dimmer. So I decided to leave it as it was at full length and just push the other end into some hole on the sight block. As long as it doesn’t come out when shooting I should be fine.

I have shot with a few times now indoors and I really like it. It’s great if the sports hall is not well lit or like me my eyesight does not  seem to be as good as it used to be.

** I have seen in the Archery GB Rules of Shooting that all sight pins or fibre optics are not allowed to extend outwards from the scope more than 2cm before they bend. So be careful of this, I will have to measure mine. I won’t cut it down, but will just make sure it bends more if it needs to.

I have made a video on this, and it’s on my YouTube channel –

Avalon Tec X Adjustable Duo V Bar

This is a short review of the Avalon Tec X Adjustable Duo V Bar. The Kinetic Mirage compound starter kit only came with an Avalon Tyro long rod for stabilisation. You see a lot of compound archers using either dual short rods or a single short rod angled down coming from the bow.

A lot of the more expensive higher end compounds have a separate rear stabilisation thread on them, mine does not. So the main alternative is to add a duo V bar or single bar arm into the front of the bow before the long rod goes on.

I had a look round and saw that Avalon produced a Tec X single extension bar for around £15. But then found the double V bar (Avalon Tec X Adjustable Duo V Bar) was only £25. So I ordered this, as a duo version seemed more useful for an extra £10.

avalon v bar duo tec x

I decided that I could either use it on my recurve to try out lowering the side rods so they come down at an angle. At the moment my WiaWis 40 degree V bar is a fixed one. It also meant buying the Avalon Tec X Adjustable Duo V Bar would allow either a single or duo short rods on the compound bow.

The Avalon Tec X Adjustable Duo V Bar comes with just the main V bar and an aluminum washer. It does not come with an Allen key, although most of us have a pile of these. It weighs around 150 grams. This is about 100 grams more than my WiaWis CX2 V Bar.

The Avalon Tec X Adjustable Duo V Bar seems well made and is sturdy. The horizontal and vertical bolts lock in nicely and there is no way it is going to move around. The V bar also has markings on it which is useful for setting up the angles. With it being at the budget end for an adjustable V bar the Avalon Tec X Adjustable Duo V Bar is a brilliant product and recommended.

I have produced a short video review on my YouTube channel.

Archery Video on YouTube

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Kinetic Mirage Compound Bow Starter Kit

Well after a couple of years of toying about buying a compound bow, I actually went and did it. I watched a couple of videos on YouTube about the Kinetic Mirage bow and it seemed OK. I didn’t want anything second hand as I knew nothing about compound bows. I didn’t want anything too expensive, in case I didn’t get on with a compound bow. Finally I wanted a bow which was easy to alter the draw weight and draw length. I am also glad I didn’t dive in and purchase a bow that was a 50lb or 60lb draw weight. To begin with I struggled with drawing 40lb.

Being a left handed archer it is always difficult to get hold of left handed archery gear. This is whether it’s in stock at the retailer or even in stock at the wholesaler – with is usually Holland or Belgium. It turned out that some LH colours were in stock in the UK but not black. I wanted a black one, and SSA in Belgium were totally out of stock. But luckily Merlin had one left sitting on their shelf. Usually with a bow, especially your first I would recommend buying from a shop in person and getting it sized and set up for you. I didn’t this time I just ordered online.

kinetic mirage

Kinetic Mirage Starter Kit Contents

The Kinetic Mirage arrived quite quickly and you certainly get a lot for your money. This includes:

  • Compound soft case
  • Avalon Tyro long rod
  • wrist trigger release
  • spare D loop material
  • string wax
  • sight and scope 4x magnification
  • arrow rest
  • Kinetic Mirage bow set to 55lbs
  • peep in place (loosely)
  • D loop fitted
  • Set of allen keys
  • Paracord wrist sling

Setting up the Kinetic Mirage

It’s worth noting the instruction manual does not tell you a whole lot, except it does contain a table of the draw length settings that match the letters on the cams.

The Kinetic Mirage bow is initially set to the full 55lbs, each full turn of the bolts makes a change of 3.5lbs. You will need to change this first. Remembering not to complete a full turn of the bolts more than 7 times from totally in to totally out or vice versa.

Then I changed the draw length by moving the fiddly screws on each of the cams. I measured my draw length against a wall finger tip to fingertip and divided by 2.5. Then look in the instruction book for your draw length and the corresponding letter, but now minus 1.5 inches from your draw length and you will have your real draw length and use that corresponding letter from the instruction booklet for setting your draw length on the cams.

The arrow  rest comes with two white sleeves on the prongs you can remove these by sliding them off.

One of the other things I immediately did was to wrap some tennis grip wrap around the handle. The handle is very thin and the metal felt very cold.

When it arrived I did notice some cam lean. I considered this to be a fault but retailers don’t as the bow is still OK to shoot. Merlin offered to look at it, but I did not fancy a 4 hour round trip to to see them. Instead I took it to The Archery Company in Sandy. They helped me a lot to set it up and added a Teflon cable guide and fitted a new D loop. They also helped me tune it a little with a walk back test and removed the cam lean and made sure both cams were in time.


It’s still early days for me and the bow, but I do enjoy firing it. I have begun scoring some target rounds as well. I can see how you could easily start to upgrade the parts of the Kinetic Mirage bow that can be removed and kept and put them onto your next compound bow.

These would be the arrow rest, sight and scope, smaller peep sight and upgraded release – perhaps a back tension or thumb trigger release.

For more on this I did create a YouTube video – find it here – – and don’t forget to subscribe to my ArcheryBlog YouTube Channel.