Avalon Tec X Adjustable Duo V Bar

By | 14th March 2018

This is a short review of the Avalon Tec X Adjustable Duo V Bar. The Kinetic Mirage compound starter kit only came with an Avalon Tyro long rod for stabilisation. You see a lot of compound archers using either dual short rods or a single short rod angled down coming from the bow.

A lot of the more expensive higher end compounds have a separate rear stabilisation thread on them, mine does not. So the main alternative is to add a duo V bar or single bar arm into the front of the bow before the long rod goes on.

I had a look round and saw that Avalon produced a Tec X single extension bar for around £15. But then found the double V bar (Avalon Tec X Adjustable Duo V Bar) was only £25. So I ordered this, as a duo version seemed more useful for an extra £10.

avalon v bar duo tec x

I decided that I could either use it on my recurve to try out lowering the side rods so they come down at an angle. At the moment my WiaWis 40 degree V bar is a fixed one. It also meant buying the Avalon Tec X Adjustable Duo V Bar would allow either a single or duo short rods on the compound bow.

The Avalon Tec X Adjustable Duo V Bar comes with just the main V bar and an aluminum washer. It does not come with an Allen key, although most of us have a pile of these. It weighs around 150 grams. This is about 100 grams more than my WiaWis CX2 V Bar.

The Avalon Tec X Adjustable Duo V Bar seems well made and is sturdy. The horizontal and vertical bolts lock in nicely and there is no way it is going to move around. The V bar also has markings on it which is useful for setting up the angles. With it being at the budget end for an adjustable V bar the Avalon Tec X Adjustable Duo V Bar is a brilliant product and recommended.

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