W&W WiaWis ACS Nano Stabiliser Review

By | 20th September 2016

I had been using Mybo Aeris long rods and short rods for a while. My short rods are 15” and so quite long. I also had some problems with the V bar and extension moving around whilst shooting. So I had been looking out for some used HMC 22 stabilisers. I found a whole set on eBay and decided to watch them and then have a bid on them. IN the end they went for only £40 less than buying them new. But after seeing the HMC 22 sets they are still quite thick, so would still catch the wind a bit. I then learnt that Win&Win had also released a new version of the W&W WiaWis ACS Nano stabilisers.

I liked the fact that they had also released matching extenders and v-bars. I decided to order the 10” W&W WiaWis ACS Nano short rods, 4” extender and the carbon v-bar from Merlin. The delivery was super quick as the items were in stock. I decided to keep my Mybo Aeris long rod, although I may change the long rod at some point in the future.

When the items arrived in the box they certainly didn’t look like I’d spent nearly £150. But the items soon add up. But as soon as I had opened the items the build quality looked amazing. These things look like real quality. What I couldn’t quite work out is why the Mybo Aeris cost more than the new W&W WiaWis ACS Nano short rods.

win and win wwiawis acs nano

Everything arrived in nice tubes and plastic tubs. Each item arrived with some nice transparent thin washers to help everything screw together tightly. You don’t get any extra weights with them, just the standard ones. Although extra ones can be ordered for a few (£) pounds each, if you can find them. This was a bit of a shame as you get a few with the Mybo ones and you can configure them how you want on the Mybo short rods.

Putting the v-bar, extender and short rods was really easy and they all looked really good. I just had to remove one of my weights from the long rod to balance it all up. You balance the setup by turning your bow upside down and placing your finger about an inch along the extender from the edge of the riser, and make sure it balances.

I also decided to weigh the WiaWis setup when it was attached to my Mybo long rod and compare that to the setup with the Mybo short rods. I also weighed each individual items, here are the findings:

Mybo Aeris 30″ Long rod + Mybo Extender + Mybo V-Bar + Mybo Aeris 15″ short rods = 980g
Mybo Aeris 30″ Long rod + WiaWis Extender + W&W CX2 V-Bar + 10″ W&W WiaWis short rods = 750g

Mybo Extender = 90g
W&W WiaWis Extender = 60g

Mybo V-Bar = 50g
W&W CX2 V-Bar = 50g

One nice thing about owning the matching long rod is that the long rod has an extra long thread allowing you to get rid of the v-bar connector, as the long rod can then connect directly to the v-bar, saving around 40g in weight.

But how do they dampen? Well, no very well indeed is the answer. There is no comeback after release, no shake, no wobbles. I love them, worth every penny. Plus they are thin, and take up less space in my kit bag.

If you want to have a closer look at the W&W WiaWis ACS Nano stabilisers I have created a video review on YouTube here.


win and win wiawis acs nano short rod setup

w&w wiawis acs nano extender

win and win wiawis acs nano extender



3 thoughts on “W&W WiaWis ACS Nano Stabiliser Review

  1. John

    It seems that they are heavier than cheaper rods which is not encouraging.

  2. David

    This has been really helpfull as its the exact set up and changes im thinking of making. Do you know if the reduction in weight is due to the design of the W&W. Or that they are 5″ shorter both sides? How are you finding the reduced length?

    1. DanTheArcheryMan Post author

      I like the fact that they are thinner, especially more so that the fatter HMC ones. So there is less chance of being blown around in the wind. They also just look really good!

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