Hoyt Carbon 720 Limbs

By | 8th February 2016

I finally succumbed to purchasing some Hoyt Carbon 720 limbs that I wanted. I ended up ordering them from Merlin Archery for around £208 + delivery. That was about the cheapest I could find them online.

On the Merlin website it also showed the limbs I wanted (36lb) as being in stock so I thought delivery would be speedy. But it turned out they were still not really in stock and they were a special order, so they arrived in about 10 days in the end.

Un-boxing the Hoyt 720 limbs showed they came with a Hoyt user manual, a Hoyt sticker and they came with some nice Hoyt limb covers.

I decided to weigh them the other day to find out if they were in fact lighter than my SF Axiom limbs.

SF Axiom limbs: 420g
Hoyt Carbon 720 limbs: 400g

So not a lot in it really, but nice to know I am lifting 20g less than before.

What made me decide on Hoyt Carbon 720 limbs:

  • They were around the price I wanted to pay – £200
  • I already had a Hoyt riser so wanted to match the two together
  • Someone else at my club had some and they liked them
  • Hoyt is a good brand

I decided to take a video of myself un-boxing the Hoyt 720 limbs, as un-boxing things these days seems to be so popular on YouTube.

Un-boxing the Hoyt 720 limbs on YouTube.