Archery Magazines and Archery Books

By | 8th September 2017

I’ve just released a new YouTube video looking at some of the various archery magazines and archery books you want to read.

Find the video here:

It’s a difficult one knowing what books to look at, as there are so many archery books out there. Most are either for beginners or completely opposite and highly technical or talk mainly about performance and physical training.

In the video I flick through the contents of the following 3 books:

Archery by Archery USA

Precision Archery my written review of Precision Archery

Archery by Crowood Sports Guides

I also have a look at the two main archery magazines in the UK, which is the free one sent to you by Archery GB and of course Bow International. You can visit the publishers of Bow International here and get the best rates on subscriptions – Bow International 

If you can recommend any archery books you really love, please tell me and I’ll try and review them or just have a read of them myself.