The Archery Show

By | 9th January 2016

The Archery Show

It dawned on me today why isn’t there a national archery show every year? My other hobby is Astronomy and we have an Astrofest in February in London with talks and trade stands and then there is another astronomy show in Coventry around May time.

I am now imagining an archery show with all the main archery retailers having stands with lots of archery equipment to buy, then having some talk sessions whether they are from professional archers, motivational speakers, equipment manufacturers, trainers, coaches, judges etc.

Another area could be a shooting area to enable you to try out new archery kit like bows etc, and there could be demonstrations by archers or demonstrations by equipment manufacturers like Easton, Hoyt etc of their latest equipment.

Archery GB and Bow International could feature heavily and probably organise the whole show.

So why isn’t there an archery show like this, come on somebody sort it out. I would definitely attend. Other sports and hobbies seem to have their own shows.