AAE Gold Extended Clicker Review

By | 6th July 2023

If you have arrows are too long for a standard clicker that attaches to your riser and you want to use a clicker but don’t want to cut your arrows then the extended clicker could be what you need. It’s easy to extend and move with you are you change your draw length as well.

The AAE Gold Extended Clicker comes in a round plastic tube with some instructions and some jam blocks so that you can attach it to your sight arm. There are different blocks because not all sight arms are the same but there should be one that will fit your sight arm in the package. Once you’ve tightened the extended clicker blocks to your sight arm you’ll find it’s a really good fit and does not move at all. It’s really solid.

The clicker itself has a couple of height holes as well so you can finely position your clicker to where you want it.

You also get some instructions showing you how to attach it to your sight arm.

Mine is a full back edition, although some do come with a silver metal clicker arm bracket.

The AAE Gold Extended Clicker provides a nice click sound. Although I do find there is sometimes some movement forwards and backwards from the clicker arm itself. So make sure you really tighten the clicker arm.

One thing to note on the version I received is that the AAE Gold Extended Clicker does not come with any Allen keys so you will need some Allen keys in order to set this up.

If you want to see the AAE Gold Extended Clicker in action and watch me talk about it, please visit my archery YouTube channel where I have an 8 minute video on the AAE Gold Extended Clicker.

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