Archery Shoot – Bent Arrow

By | 10th January 2016

Today we all shot a Portsmouth again. I did manage slightly better than last with 475, but hardly anywhere near my personal best of 524.

My problem today was not string picture, but a strange arrow that kept going top left in the 3/4 ring and bringing my score down. After several ends into my round I decided to mark the arrow, and it turn out to be the same arrow every time.

I changed the arrow to another one and the problem was immediately fixed, back in the 8,9,10 rings.

Platinum Plus XX75 Arrow

Indoor I currently shoot with 1916 Easton Platinum Plus xx75 arrows, these are aluminium arrows and they do take a good beating, a brilliant value for money arrow at around £6 finished. I have been shooting with these arrows for about a year and they have never really been a problem.

Once I got home I placed the offending arrow on the kitchen counter top and rolled it around, the arrow then displayed its problem. I had a bent arrow. The arrow was badly bent and must have been my trouble.

I then decided to check all my arrows, and I found out that another of the arrows was slightly bent as well, another bent arrow. So I have marked them both and shall not shoot with them anymore.

So my tip for the day is to check your arrows periodically for any signs of wear  and tear and check they are completely straight.

Here is a video of my findings on YouTube