Portsmouth Zero Round

By | 24th March 2016

On Sunday we had our end of season shoot with a newly devised round called a Portsmouth Zero.

It’s a regular Portsmouth but once you have shot 12 arrows you take the higher 6 arrow score away from the lower 6 arrow score and this number goes in the end row box.

You then do the same thing for the following 5 rows on the scoresheet. At the end you add up the 6 numbers in the columns and you come up with your final score.

The winner is the archer with the total number closest to zero.

Getting a number closer to zero should mean that you are shooting consistently, but this could be consistently well or consistently badly.

I ended up 4th with a Portsmouth Zero score of 14 and a Portsmouth score of 510.

The only problem is that the archer if monitoring the score sheet could go ahead and on purpose shoot a particular score they need to obtain a low ‘end of the row’ score.

If this wanted to be extended I suppose you could think about not just adding up horizontal groups of arrows you could add up the vertical numbers as well, in order to get an even better overall feel of how consistently the shooting was.

Further to this you could look at handicaps or add penalty points if the ‘row score’ is not over a certain value.

We are always trying to come up with something different to shoot on a special shoot day, (we played black jack with 3 arrows at Christmas) so if you have anything that could be of use to us and fun please me know.