Portsmouth 534 Score

By | 12th October 2016

At last it’s time to go indoors again for the 2016-2017 indoor season. It was getting dark too quickly outside, we barely had time to set up and shoot for an hour before it was dark during the week at the club. The weather also seems to have turned in the UK with darker days, even more wind and rain.

So we had our first Friday night indoors and all went well with a little bit of tuning. The hardest thing was remembering where the shooting line and target line were.

On Sunday we had our first Portsmouth nominated round. We had a few problems setting up as the back stop netting props had disappeared we think the builders who overhauled the sports storage room used the wood in the walls whilst doing the re-fit. So new ones need to made up.

I scored 534 in the Portsmouth, a personal best for me, my previous best was 526. I shot 22 tens out of 60, although I did have some 7’s and the odd one lower than that. But it must be possible to hit 60 nine’s and so score 540 plus the odd 10 thrown in for good measure – so score around 550+. But it’s all really about being consistent when shooting 3 arrows.

Shooting a Second Detail

This indoor season we have also decided to do second details in order to slow down the shooting, otherwise it felt like a marching band shooting 3 arrows, collecting, returning and shooting again.

The good thing about having a second details is that it gives everyone a competition feel, it also puts 4 people on a boss so makes the shooting more social. It also as I said slows the shooting down. It seems to be working OK after 1 week.