Portsmouth Sunday 21/02/2016

By | 21st February 2016

10 10 10 endToday we shot a Portsmouth, which was probably a good idea after shooting the fun Valentine’s Day shoot last week. Some of us also have the 10th Annual Portsmouth shoot at the Fenland Archery Club in a months time, so we need all the practice we can get.

It all went quite well, there were still a few odd arrows going into the 6 and 7 rings. But sometimes you think why did it go in the 6 or 7 when I aimed at the gold and it felt like I just made exactly the same shot as when the arrow goes in the gold. For me really it’s all about the aim, and keeping it as steady as possible.

Although today I think I did actually get my first 10 10 10 end which was surprising, as a lot of the time I can get 10 10 9, but it’s nice to get the 101010 – so here it is, hey come on I had to take a picture of it!

I am getting used to the Hoyt 720 limbs now, I don’t think I could go back to the SF Axioms now. I ended up with 510 today, my best is 524. Probably the best score I’ve had a for a while.