The 252 Archery Round

By | 13th April 2022

The 252 round can be shot at various distances from 20 yards to 100 yards. It is a yard distance round but does not allow you to gain a classification or handicap from shooting it. What the 252 round is best at is to provide a short round that can be shot when there is little time for a shooting session. It is also great for beginners so that they can start at a short distance get there 252 badge for that distance and then  move on to the next longer distance

  • The 252 round consists of 36 arrows shot in ends of 6 with one end of sighters at the beginning.
  • It is shot at distances of 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 80 and 100 yards. The target face used is a full sized 122cm face.
  • Scoring is in odd numbers to the 5 zone scoring coloured rings of the target. This means 9, 7, 5, 3, 1 can only be scored.

252 Bowtype Scores

As the name suggests if the archer shoots sighted recurve then they must score at least 252 or more twice in order to claim the badge. If shooting compound, barebow or longbow there are different scores to beat for them.

As a score of 252 over 36 arrows is required for recurve that means on average the recurve archer must score 7 points with each arrow. This is an arrow in the red part of the target. This means the 252 round is a good way to check that you can hit near the centre consistently before moving to the next longer distance.

Distance (yds) Recurve score Compound score Longbow score Barebow score
20 252 280 164 189
30 252 280 164 189
40 252 280 164 189
50 252 280 164 189
60 252 280 164 189
80 252 280 126 164
100 252 280 101 139

252 Badges

Badges are available for the 252 round from several different badge makers. These can be purchased by your club or yourself really. Then handed out by the records officer once the required scores have been submitted twice. Archers can then keep all the badges or hand in their highest one to get the next badge, so a badge  swap system.

252 Round Video

If you want to see a video of me explaining the 252 archery round then please head over to my archery YouTube channel to watch it. Don’t forget to like the video and subscribe to my archery YouTube  channel at the same time.

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Archery 252 Round