Archery Bow Stand Hidden Feature

By | 7th April 2022

Does your bow stand hold a hidden secret? I’m amazed at how many archers, even those who have been shooting for a couple of years don’t know this feature on their bow stand. Now, not all bow stands have this feature, but most do. So, what is it?

If you look underneath the centre of your bow stand you should find a metal piece sticking out, just unscrew this and then turn it upside down and screw it back in again. You should now have a piece of metal or spike sticking out of the bottom of your bow stand. So, what’s it for?

If you’re outside and it’s a windy day, sometimes your bow can fall over whilst on the stand. And no-one wants that, as things may break. Having a spike on the bottom of the stand should stop your bow falling over. I’ve never had my bow fall over when the bow is in its stand, and I am using the spike on the bottom.

If you want to see me demonstrate the hidden secret of your bow stand, then look at my YouTube video called “Secret Bow Stand Feature” on my archery YouTube channel. Don’t forget to subscribe to my archery YouTube channel after watching it!

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