Coach’s Eye App on Android Review

By | 6th October 2020

“Coach’s Eye is the world’s leading video platform for coaches and athletes who need to review athlete technique and game film. Coach’s Eye delivers state of the art coaching and content management tools on your mobile devices anytime, anywhere.”

The Coach’s Eye app has been around for a while and works well with any sport but especially archery. Users of Coach’s Eye include golfers, tennis players, athletics etc.

In basic terms Coach’s Eye allows you to video your athlete/archer or yourself and then watch the video back in slow motion whilst also letting you draw on the screen to highlight certain areas or to check levels and angles etc.

When videoing it is important to make sure you are not facing the sun and can fit your whole archer in, unless you are videoing a certain part of their shot routine.

A tripod that holds your phone or tablet can come in handy, as it means you are not the one shaking and moving when taking the video, all you then see is the archer moving.

Coach’s Eye can be used for free, but is limited with:

  • In-app ads.
  • No premium tools.
  • 2 GB of free cloud storage for sharing videos.
  • Unlimited private / unlisted video sharing up to 2 GB free storage limit.
  • Register up to 5 personal devices with your account.
  • Ability to purchase premium tool packs in-app.

Monthly subscription plans are available which provide you with more drawing tools and a lot more features including:

  • 150 GB cloud storage.
  • HD sharing.
  • HD cloud backup.
  • HD export.
  • Send videos between your devices, or send from your Locker to devices.
  • Access to all premium tools and effects.
  • Cross-platform license.

I think that video is important in archery and that watching back your shot routine can really show up any flaws you may want to work on. Slowing the video down and moving the timeline forwards and backwards is even more helpful to highlight certain movements in your shot process.

Download Coach’s Eye App

Look at Coach’s Eye and see what you think, its available on Android and Apple iOS:

Coach’s Eye App Video Review

If you want to know more and see Coach’s Eye in use, watch my YouTube video review:

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