How To Choose the Right Arrow Spine for your Bow with the Arrows app

By | 17th January 2021

Arrows app v2
I produced a video review of the first Arrows app in 2019. It was an archery app that I had used a lot over the years, but as time moved on it had not been updated for a while and started to get old as new arrows had been released and were not included in the arrow database.

But in January 2021 I noticed on my android mobile phone that Arrows had an update and was awaiting an install. So I installed it and decided to produce a video on the new version, you can watch that on my ArcheryBlog YouTube channel.

The original arrows app contained some adverts, but the new version does not, but is instead based around a subscription model. Where you pay a small amount each year to get access to the full database of arrows. If you do not subscribe you get provided with a very limited arrow choice.
The UK cost of upgrading is around £2 per year.

It’s a simple app, but shines because it brings all of the information from several arrow manufacturers and lots of information about all of their arrows. Something that would take you a while to find on the internet from different websites.

The arrow manufacturers included at the time of writing includes:

  • Aurel
  • Beman
  • Black Eagle
  • Easton
  • Cartel
  • Carbon Tech Arrows
  • Carbon Express
  • Fivics
  • Gold Tip
  • Skylon Archery
  • Victory Archery

You begin by entering your draw length and draw weight if you are a recurve archer and your draw length, peak draw weight and ATA speed rating if you are a compound archer.

Arrows Set up Bow

The app will then calculate the spine of arrow you should be looking at, and it will display a list of all arrows that are available in that spine. You can further filter the list of results by choosing ‘fat’ arrows or ‘slim’ diameter arrows and filter if the arrows displayed are aluminium, aluminium/carbon or full carbon arrows. It’s that simple.

Arrow List Example

The arrows are listed with the most preferable to your spine with a green background, then amber and finally red.

There is also some graphics icons indicating, the shape of the shafts (parallel or barrelled), which type of archery the arrow suits (outdoor target, indoor target, field archery, hunting etc) and the cost of the arrows denoted by a ‘$’ scale.

If you click on an arrow you can see details about the arrow, spine lists and calculate the ‘FOC’ (Front of Center) of the arrow by changing multiple values including weights of your nocks, points, vanes and even wraps.

There is also a section that works out the energy of your arrow in foot pounds for hunting and the type of game that is best shot with a particular arrow and its setup on your bow.

Install the Arrows app on your android phone and give it a go.

If you want to learn more and see the arrows app in action, watch my video review of the Arrows app on my YouTube channel

Arrows app v2