Last Chance Archery HS3 Digital Bow Scale Review

By | 14th January 2021

HS3 Digital Bow ScaleThanks to Last Chance Archery for providing me with the HS3 digital bow scale to review. I actually reviewed the HS2 digital bow scale on my YouTube channel. As I created that video on the HS2 scale the HS3 had just launched at the ATA trade show in the US and I did include some information about it at the end of the HS2 video.

But now I have my hands on an HS3 bow scale I can actually review it and compare it to the HS2.

What’s changed? – HS2 vs HS3

There are several differences between the HS2 and HS3 bow scales.

1. Colour. HS3 is now red and black, the HS2 was white and silver
2. Shape. The HS2 was curved and the HS3 is straight
3. Screen. The HS2 had it’s screen at one end of the scale, whilst on the HS3 it’s right in the middle of the scale, bigger and brighter.
4. Buttons. There was only one button on the HS2, now we have a separate ‘Unit’ button on the HS3 as well.
5. Units. The original HS2 only measure in lbs, the HS3 can measure in lbs and kgs – so more functionality.
6. Precision. The HS3 is said to be 10% more accurate than the HS2.

Why choose an HS3 digital bow scale over a cheaper luggage scale?

Not all cheap luggage scales have a ‘hold’ function where you hold the scale for a number of seconds and then you get a fixed reading.

For those cheap luggage scales with a ‘hold’ function – they sometimes don’t perform the hold correctly. It’s very much luck if you get a reading and you have to be very still. Not all archers can hold their bows at full draw for a few seconds.

The Last Chance Archery HS3 hold function gives you a draw weight reading everytime – so you won’t get frustrated!

The big advantage with the HS3 bow scale is if you are a compound archer, as the HS3 will provide you with both ‘peak’ and ‘hold’ draw weight values. As a compound archer you may not be too worried about your hold weight, but it’s an accurate ‘peak’ weight that you want to know, and it’s difficult to get that on an ordinary digital scale.

You won’t be dissapointed with this bow scale, it’s the best way to measure your draw weight. If it seems a little pricey for a bow scale, why not club together with some friends to share it or get your archery club to buy one instead?

Last Chance Archery HS3 Digital Bow Scale Video

HS3 Digital Bow Scale

Watch the review of the Last Chance Archery HS3 digital bow scale on my YouTube Channel.