How to Install Ianseo Archery Scoring Software on a Windows PC

By | 26th January 2021

Install Ianseo on a Windows PC

Installing the Ianseo software on a computer running the Windows operating system is very easy – I couldn’t believe how easy it really was to install ianseo.

Just follow the 10 steps on how to install Ianseo below:

  1. Visit
  2. Download .exe file for Windows (around 130MB)
  3. Double click .exe file to extract all files – accept default location
  4. Find and run – setup_xampp.bat press ‘Enter’ to continue
  5. Find and run – xampp-control.exe
  6. Start Apache (the webserver)
  7. Start MySQL (the database)
  8. Minimise that window
  9. Open browser window and type in “http://localhost”
  10. Agree to the software terms and start using Ianseo

If you need some more details there is an installation guide inside the user manual on the Ianseo website which includes information on how to install Ianso on Mac OS and Linux.

But you may be better off watching my YouTube video on How to Install Ianseo on a Windows PC on my YouTube channel where I show you how I installed Ianseo on my desktop Windows PC.

How To Install Ianseo on a Windows PC

Install Ianseo on a Windows PC