How to Wax a Bow String on your Archery Bow

By | 3rd February 2021

How to wax your bow string

Learning how to wax your bow string is quite a simple and easy task to complete. You just need to remember to do it.

Why wax your bow string?

Well we want to keep the water out on a rainy day and keep it waterproof, which is what the bow wax will do, otherwise the rain will penetrate the string and our arrows won’t fly as well as they should.
Waxing the bow string can also stop your string looking too frayed.
Waxing can also stop your string from ballooning which is when the strands that make up your string can be seen to come apart and you can see the individual strands.

How often should I wax my bowstring?

This really depends how often you shoot and in what weather conditions. A few times a year should suffice.

What bow wax should I use to wax my string?

I use Bohning Tex Tite bow wax which is the one in the red plastic pop-up tube.

How do I wax my archery bow string?

  • String your bow (although some people like to have the string loose)
  • Get the wax to room temperature
  • Put some wax on the top and bottom of the bow string (but NOT on the servings – this is the middle and top and bottom of the string)
  • Rub the wax into the string with paper, leather or your fingers – rub it in well, so it melts into the string
  • Grab some cotton, thread or dental floss (about 30cm) and loop it over the string and run it tightly up and down the string to remove the excess wax

For more information and to watch me wax my bow string, watch my video on my YouTube channel on How to wax your bowstring.

How to wax your bow string