How To Tie a Nocking Point Fast and Easy

By | 31st March 2022

Tying on a nocking point can be really easy, but there are several ways to do it and a lot of videos on YouTube demonstrating these different ways. Although I don’t think there is a wrong way as long as it does not come undone or move.

To perform the task of tieing a nock point you will need some scissors, a lighter, nock thread and some glue.

I use quite a simple system which is essentially just tieing knots above and below the string and then doing a double knot to finish together with using a lighter to burn off the ends of the string and then I use a small amount of glue on the nock point to stop it coming undone.

It’s a lot easier to show you how I tie my nock point than write about it so head on over to my YouTube archery channel and watch my video on “How to tie a nock point – fast”.

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