DIY Folding Archery Target Stands

By | 24th March 2022

Our archery club indoor target stands are used together with banded layered foam and Ten Zone layered foam targets. The stands themselves are supplied by Clickers in Norwich, UK. The main problem with the target stands is that the arms of the stands are fixed and screwed in place. This makes them difficult to store when stacking them.

So, we wanted to come up with a way of making them stack flat so getting the arms of the stands to fold that without having to screw the arms back in every time. In the end a hinge system was devised with two hinges per arm so the arms swing and lay flat. Together with the hinges some Velcro was used to make the arms stick to the stand when the arms are flat, so they don’t flap about when the stands are being carried. Finally, a metal rod is used on either side of the target stand so that the arms stay in place when a layered foam target is placed on the stand.

The stands now sit nicely in a row and are now compact in the indoor storage cupboard. They really are easier now to store away.

Reading about amending the target stands does not really give a feel for what work was performed on the stands. So luckily, I have the Folding Archery Target Stand video on my Archery YouTube channel which shows all the work that was done. While you are watching don’t forget to subscribe to my archery YouTube channel.

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