Archery Training 05/02/16

By | 12th February 2016

This evening at training I brought my Hoyt Carbon 720 limbs and new string to set up. I decided to put metal nocks on the string again even though a lot of people seem to use thread or even dental floss for nock points.

I borrowed a pair of nock pliers and added the metal nocks to the string, it took several ends and I mean several to get the nock points correct so the arrows flew straight.

I then adjusted my button spring and then my metal arrow rest and was all sorted or so I thought. Thing is I didn’t check my centre shot at all, but I did this during the week in the end.

I shot during the week at home and after changing my centre shot I decided to drop my poundage back to 38lb down from 40lb. I was struggling a bit with 40lb, and if we go outside in 6 weeks and start shooting 6 arrows I will be crippled. So I think I will stay on 38lb for a bit longer.