Archery Training 19-02-2016

By | 20th February 2016

Best end of the nightTonight there seemed a lot less of us shooting, we all shot at Portsmouth targets. Shooting didn’t really click with me to start off with with most arrows were going in the 8 or just cutting the 9 line.

It wasn’t until about half way through the night that everything clicked and I started hitting the 9’s and 10’s.

Overall a good night of shooting. Plus also, two people in the club now have Uukha limbs, they have a nice finish to them, and seem to be growing in popularity.

I also ordered a new finger tab this week from eBay, it came on Friday. I bought exactly the same one as before as a backup in case I lose my main one, as the other week a bolt came out of my bow stand, which made it impossible to use, and if you don’t have a bow stand you have to prop your bow up against something, it’s really inconvenient. So I started thinking of all these spare items I should have like spare strings, spare finger tabs hey maybe even a spare stand?