Archery Training 29-01-2016

By | 29th January 2016

Friday night practice pulling 40lb on Axiom limbsWhat a terrible night at training tonight. I did manage a few good ends but it seemed like the arrows were really going right tonight. I ended up having to wind out my button in order to get the arrows back to the centre of the target.

I also managed to hit my arm a couple of times with the string even with an arm guard on. I am also starting to not trust the old Platinum Plus XX75 arrows anymore. I am considering going back to my Easton ACC arrows for the rest of the indoor season. Luckily I am taking a break on Sunday and not shooting.

I also wonder about shooting into round straw bale targets. Do they ruin your arrows, can they bend your arrows quicker than shooting into solid foam or layered foam? It made me laugh when on the Easton Podcast that a listener wrote in and asked why do my Easton arrows get shredded when I shoot into straw? Easton’s response was why shoot into straw? Don’t shoot a 21st Century arrow into a 16th Century target. Your arrows will get ruined faster when shooting into straw.