Weather in the UK for Archery

By | 25th April 2016

Well we are outside in April and it’s cold, windy, overcast and sometimes raining – well it is in the UK, what do you expect?

It’s OK to see these wonderful pictures on the internet of the US Archery team practicing in the sun with suntans and other teams around the globe who come from warmer climates enjoying the outdoor season.

Are we crazy going outside to shoot this early in the calendar in the UK? Should Archery GB change the rules and make the outdoor season start in May or June instead?

It’s not just the weather, the light fades really quickly in the evenings as well at the beginning and at the end of the outdoor archery season. At Ely we train on a Wednesday and Friday night, in April when we start at 6pm we only seem to get about 1 hour to 1.5 hours of shooting. Don’t forget we also have to set up the targets, shooting line etc in that time. There’s no way we’d have time to shoot anything other than probably a Warwick round during the week.

Last Sunday it was chilly, but you can’t put too many clothes on, as your shooting can be affected. You soon learn which clothes are not ideal for shooting in, as the bow string gets caught up.

Luckily one of our coaches just so happened to have a camping table, camping kettle, plastic cups, tea, coffee, whiteners and sugar in his car. It’s amazing how a hot drink and resting for a few ends can keep you going when attending a cold practice session outdoors. Here are some of us enjoying the tea and coffee.

outdoor tea at archery practice

So when going outside to shoot in the UK, consider taking hot drinks or get your club to provide hot water so you can make your own drinks. Also consider your clothing – windproof, rain proof and clothing that does not get in the way of your shooting. Good luck out there!

Oh no, next I’m going to moan about it being too hot in the Summer. Last year I remember I had to add some sports grip strips to my riser handle as my Hoyt riser handle is just plastic and it became really slippery in my sweaty hand in the middle of the Summer.