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Archery Steps to Success Book Review

Archery Steps to Success by Kathleen Haywood and Catherine Lewis

Archery Steps to SuccessThere are around 240 pages in this slightly larger sized book with a glossary in the rear of the book. This review is based on the 4th edition. Lots of images in full colour make this book easy to read and very clear for the beginner. There are even exercises at the back of each chapter allowing you to score yourself. Archery Steps to Success covers compound and recurve bows in equal measure which is nice to see.

Instead of chapters this book is split into Steps – hence the name of the book Steps to Success. The 11 steps are fitting equipment, shooting safely, shooting with good form, refining technique, aiming and sighting, anchoring and releasing, analysing performance, upgrading – tuning and maintaining equipment, sharpening your mental skills, competing in target archery and bow hunting.

Step 1 covers the different types of archery, the different types of bow used and the accessories for the bow and archer. It also covers how to fit your equipment to yourself, arm guards, finger tabs etc. It also looks at how to determine your eye dominance, draw length and draw weight for your first bow.

Step 2 is a bit shorter in length but very important as it covers shooting safely. This includes making sure your arrows are the correct length, your posture is correct, retrieving arrows and that your attire is correct.

Step 3 introduces archers to the T form and shooting with good form with a recurve bow. It’s not until Step 4 where the shooting technique is refined by looking more at stance, hand position and back tension in your shooting. This step is all performed using a recurve bow in the book.

Step 5 introduces us to bow sights of recurve and compound bows. It also shows you how to make simple bowsight on a training bow. It covers peep sights, how to use a sight and adjust it. The end of this step also covers barebow aiming and sighting.

Step 6 covers anchoring an release. This introduces kisser buttons, anchor positions on the face and anchoring with a mechanical release.

Step 7 is all about analysing your performance, so here the book looks at your arrow groups on the target face as well as errors that affect horizontal and vertical accuracy. Overcoming target panic is also addressed along with all types of shooting error including follow-through errors.

Step 8 is all about upgrading equipment and fine tuning. This chapter concentrates on adjusting arrow flight and aligning your bow whether it’s a recurve or compound bow. There is also information on fletching arrows and building up arrows and how to maintain your bow.

There is then a little chapter or step about mental skills and then it’s onto competing in target archery with information on how to score and dealing with adverse weather conditions whilst shooting. The final chapter or step is about bow hunting mainly using a compound bow. This step looks at hunting arrows and shooting downwards and up an incline. 3D targets and field archery are also discussed.

Overall this is a very good archery book for beginners, it’s very easy to read and clear with some great colour images and the book is quite large as well.

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Precision Archery Book Review

Precision Archery by Steve Ruis and Claudia Stevenson

Precision Archery BookThe Precision Archery book has over 180 pages and on those is quite a large font, which is quite nice as it’s easy to read. Precision Archery has 14 chapters which cover most aspects of archery in all forms from target to field etc. Within Precision Archery it explores competition, advanced form for recurve archers and compound archers, executing the shot, achieving a physical edge, tuning the mind, tuning of recurve and compound bows, coaching and being coached, dealing with difficulties, perfecting practice, joy of Arco Nudo, testing new equipment and finally embracing the spirit of archery.

If you want to know what Arco Nudo is, it means really Barebow – a nude bow I suppose. There is a great little chapter on field archery as well which seems to be growing in popularity as some may become bored with full time target archery.

The physical side of archery chapter lists a number of exercises, but without images of each exercise it is difficult to imagine some of them. Images of the exercises would have helped here.

I like that this book covers a lot of the key areas of archery and gives some good advice without bombarding you with too much information. Sure if you want more information on a certain topic you can always look for an archery book that specifically covers a certain area in more depth. All images in the book are in black and white, it would have been nice to have seen more colour images. There is a resource section at the back of the book with some good links and further reading.

Precision Archery is a great archery book and one I think you will find yourself reading from cover to cover instead of using it as a reference book. This book is easy to read. It’s difficult to say it is only aimed at beginners only, as I think it does have something for beginners and intermediate archers alike.

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Archery Skills, Tactics and Techniques Book Review

archery skills tactics techniques book

Archery, Skills, Tactics and Techniques Book from Crowood Sports Guides by Deborah Charles

This is one of my favourite archery books at the moment. It only has 90 pages, but it does cover all the basics and compared to a lot of other archery books it contains full colour images all the way through. This book only covers recurve bows, so don’t buy it if you shoot compound. There are many sections that are not specific to recurve, but you won’t get as much out of it as a recurve archer will. You can buy this book from Amazon UK

The book begins with a look at archery through the ages and the basics of archery including finding your dominant eye, finding a club and basic safety precautions when shooting.

The next section is on buying your own equipment and the book takes you through all the parts you may purchase when setting up a recurve bow outfit. Chapter 3 is all about how to make technical adjustments to your bow in order to get it shooting correctly.

The book then covers basic archery technique and shooting, it then moves on to the archery field and includes information on rounds and awards.

The rest of the book looks at building on your form as well as different arrows types and about upgrading your archery equipment and about fine tuning. The final chapter covers competing in archery competitions and how they work, rules and etiquette etc.

The book also benefits from handy hint and personal tip boxes. Archery Skills, Tactics and Techniques is easy to read, nice bright and clear pages with great colour images.

If you are an archery beginner this book contains a lot of information for you. It can tell you about setting up, tuning, regulations, shooting rounds, competing etc. Overall this is a great introductory text to archery.

Crowood Sports make a range of guides for various sports including Chess, Marathon Running, Golf, Snooker, Tennis etc. If all the other sports books are as good as this archery one then I wouldn’t hesitate in looking at those books as well.

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